The word school

Our school is amgad private School which was established 25 September 2016
educational stages "basic education" Kg1. Kg2. Primary. preparatory "
Our school is an educational institution which pupils learn lessons in various sciences.
Our message is thinking and innovation and creativity without borders without restrictions for the happiness of our children and the service of our society and our vision of a privileged upbringing generation capable of contributing to the religion and cultural innovation And the elevation of society.
A word to parents who are prepared for this year at our school financially and morally and tell them to meet the material things, but not enough to be a lot of consolidation to meet the psychological, emotional and social needs of the children It is not enough to buy and provision of books and school supplies, but must be urged students to study hard, we are in the school of the glories of our patience, wisdom and opportunity for all to express their views and feelings The school is the factory for the men and women of for a better future, we are giving a chance to succeed and excel negligent industrious, and we have excellent management and members of the teaching of encouraging individual talents and abilities through cultural, social and sports activities.

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